Grace and Disagreement

The core resources for the Regional Shared Conversations are two booklets, entitled Grace and Disagreement. The first booklet outlines the thinking behind the conversations, the process and their place in the life of the church. The second booklet comprises four essays, with varying views, which participants in the conversations are asked to read prior to taking part in the conversations. Both are available to download by clicking on the links below.

Grace and Disagreement 1: Thinking through the process

Grace and Disagreement 2: A Reader – writings to resource conversation

Hard copies are available to purchase through the Church House Bookshop website by following these links:

Part 1

Part 2


Other Church of England Resources

The Church of England has produced various resources in the past which looked at human sexuality. These include:

  • The Pilling Report (2013) This can be downloaded for free or purchased in hard copy
  • Some Issues in Human Sexuality (2003) – A discussion document from the House of Bishops’ Group on Issues in Human Sexuality, which can be downloaded here
  • Being Human: A Christian Understanding of Personhood Illustrated with Reference to Power, Money, Sex and Time, a report by the Doctrine Commission of the Church of England (2003) which can be downloaded here


Presentations from the Shared Conversation with General Synod members

As part of the final Shared Conversation with General Synod members, a panel of three speakers addressed theological and scriptural aspects of human sexuality, each from their own distinct personal perspective, informed by their scholarship in this area. The notes from these presentations will be made available as soon as we have them and can be found below:

Andrew Goddard

Loveday Alexander

Robert Song


External Resources

A great deal has been written from a wide range of theological perspectives on the topic of human sexuality. Below are articles, books and other resources which we are aware of. They are offered  to enable people to engage with the spectrum of thought and approaches to the issue, but none are endorsed by the Church of England or the organisers of the Shared Conversations, nor is the list exhaustive. Some of the books listed below deal do not deal exclusively (or even principally) with human sexuality but are offered because the perspective they present is relevant to the Shared Conversations.



  • A set of resources from EGGS (Evangelical Group on General Synod) are available here.
  • The website of Accepting Evangelicals has a series of articles on the Bible, as well as personal stories and a section on transgender issues.



  • Love is an Orientation by Andrew Marin, IVP (2009)
  • The Plausibility Problem by Ed Shaw, IVP (2015)
  • Sexuality: The Inclusive Church Resource, Darton Longman & Todd, London (2014)
  • Single Minded by Kate Wharton, Monarch (2013)
  • Covenant and Calling by Robert Song, SCM Press (2014)
  • Is God antigay? by Sam Allberry, The Good Book Company (2013)
  • Living Reconciliation by Phil Groves and Angharad Parry Jones, SPCK (2014)
  • Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill, Zondervan (2010)
  • God, Gentiles and Gay Christians: Acts 15 and Change in the Church by Andrew Goddard, Grove booklet (E121) (2001)
  • The Gay Gospels by Dr Keith Sharpe, Circle Books London (2011)
  • Human Sexuality and the ‘Same Sex Marriage’ Debate, ed. Mark D Thompson (2015)
  • Dirt, Greed & Sex: Sexual Ethics in the New Testament and their Implications for Today by L. William Countryman, Fortress Press (2007)
  • More Perfect Union? Understanding same-sex Christian marriage, by Alan Wilson, Darton, Longman & Todd (2014)
  • An Acceptable Sacrifice?, Duncan Dormor and Jeremy Morris (eds.), SPCK (2007)